Alcohol addiction and alcoholism are real life situations in Statesboro, GA. which need to be addressed. Alcohol is the most abused drug in the world. It is acceptable to drink and to drink in excess. Because alcohol is a drug, the physical, social and emotional toll of alcohol addiction is the same as any other drug.

Individuals in Statesboro can easily become addicted to alcohol. Alcohol addiction may start out with casual use which turns into over consumption as the individual begins to need more and more alcohol as their tolerance to grows. Before you know it, the person needs a drink just to feel physically better and this is the path to alcoholism.

Alcohol addiction and alcoholism have serious consequences both physically and in life in general. Under the influence of this drug, individuals make poor decisions which may affect them short or long term. Some of the physical consequences can be irreversible, as alcohol affects every organ in the body. In the long run, an individual addicted to alcohol will destroy everything in their life if they don't get help.

Individuals can avail themselves of treatment for alcohol addiction and alcoholism in Statesboro and get the help they need today. Statesboro Alcohol Abuse Treatment Facilities offer the life tools that a person needs to discover the root of their addiction and how to start making the right choices in their lives that will make a more positive impact. Individuals will discover and be able to confront and handle in the future the life stressors which triggered their addiction so that they can have a long-term recovery.

Individuals will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms if they have been addicted to alcohol for some time and suddenly stop. Alcoholism Rehab Programs in Statesboro understand the process of withdrawal, and have the wherewithal to properly detox the individual as the first step of treatment. This process can be a smooth one, with the help of those who have experience in handling it.

There are various treatment options offered in Statesboro, Georgia, depending on the individual's needs. There are Long-term Alcohol Rehab Programs, Outpatient Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities, Short-term Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Programs, Inpatient Alcoholism Treatment Programs, support group meetings, alcoholism counseling, halfway houses and sober living.

If you are ready to confront alcohol addiction or alcoholism in Statesboro, GA., get the help you need to do so today. Contact an Alcohol Rehab Program in Statesboro to find out how to get started today.

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  • Recent studies have shown that heavy alcohol consumption and binge drinking are sensitive to price changes, and that price elasticities are generally high for heavy drinkers who are aware of the consequences of their drinking.
  • Over 40% of Alcohol Anonymous members reported being addicted to another drug besides alcohol.
  • Alcohol can interact with medicines used to treat heart and blood vessel disease, digestive problems, and diabetes.
  • Teens who consume alcohol are more than twice as likely to have had sexual intercourse within the past three months than teens who don't consume alcohol.
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