Alcohol addiction and alcoholism are at the root of many problems in St. Simons Island, GA. Alcohol use is not only accepted in society today, but to drink in excess has become the norm. It is a fact that 1 out of every 10 people who drinks becomes an alcoholic. This is a scary statistic that needs a solution, and treatment received from an Alcohol Rehab Program in St. Simons Island is that solution.

Alcohol addiction in St. Simons Island is a problem that can affect anyone. Addiction to alcohol can become a problem if someone has lost control of the amount of alcohol they are consuming. They may start out using alcohol as a quick fix to a problem or a bad mood they're in. But this soon catches up with them, and they start needing alcohol more frequently and in larger amounts just to feel normal. It is not a far stretch from a drink here and there to alcoholism, and individuals need to understand the difference so they can avoid this situation.

If someone suffering from alcohol addiction or alcoholism in St. Simons Island, Georgia continues their destructive habits, they will begin to experience the consequences of their addiction. Meaning serious physical, emotional and social consequences which will affect them both short and long term.

Getting treatment in St. Simons Island for alcohol addiction and alcoholism helps put the individual in a position to make a change for the better in their life. They can avail themselves of the support and crucial education that an alcoholic needs to relearn how to live and confront life head on. Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centers offer counseling and other services that can hone in on the causes of their alcohol addiction to avoid relapse in the future.

Individuals addicted to alcohol in St. Simons Island, GA. who stop drinking suddenly manifest physical symptoms called withdrawal. An Alcoholism Treatment Center in St. Simons Island can see the individual through withdrawal and alcohol detoxification and make it as smooth a process as possible.

Numerous treatment options exist in St. Simons Island, Georgia for individuals seeking help. There are Long-term Alcohol Rehabs, Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs, Short-term Alcohol Addiction Rehab Programs, Inpatient Alcoholism Rehab Facilities, support group meetings, alcohol abuse counseling, halfway houses and sober living.

A new life for you or someone you care about can begin today by seeking treatment at a St. Simons Island Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Program. Contact a counselor and find out which treatment options are best for you.

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  • It is extremely important that if there is even the slightest hint of an alcohol overdose, an individual should not hesitate to receive emergency care; other individuals that are accompanying a person that has been drinking heavily should also not try to access their level of drunkenness without professional assistance.
  • Research by the Alcohol Alert has concluded that DUI (driving under the influence) offenders with less severe "drinking problem" drinking problems benefit most from educational programs.
  • Women are at a much higher rate that men, drinking similar amounts of alcohol, of suffering damage to the pancreas and the liver, developing high blood pressure, and becoming considerably more impaired.
  • It is common for someone who has drunk an excessive amount of alcohol to vomit since alcohol is an irritant to the stomach; at the point of vomiting, there can be a danger of choking, which could cause death by asphyxiation in a person who is not conscious because of intoxication.
  • St. Simons Island, GA. Al-Anon Support Group Meetings

  • St. Simons Island First United Methodist Church
    Lightkeepers Group AFG
    624 Ocean Blvd.
    St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522

    Al-Anon Meeting Times
    Mon., 1:15 PM
    Wed., 1:15 PM
    Fri., 1:15 PM

  • St. Simons Presbyterian Church
    Steps No Elevator AFG (Adult Child Meeting)
    205 Kings Way (delegal Entrance)
    St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522

    Al-Anon Meeting Times
    Mon., 8:00 PM
    Thu., 8:00 PM

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